2023 Three Tree Planting in Honduras

We’re proud to have taken part again in our yearly Three Tree Pledge tree planting in cooperation with Unacifor in Honduras. Every year, in order to promote and continue sustainable forestry practices and the long term economic security of the region, we fund and participate in the planting of new pine forests.

Ensuring the vitality and sustainability of timber as a natural resource is crucial for the environment and future generations. Education and support for sustainable forestry play a significant role in maintaining a balance between meeting current needs and preserving forests for the future. That’s why Better Wood Products takes proactive steps towards environmental stewardship by prioritizing responsible forestry practices. This dedication not only benefits the ecosystem but also sets an example for the industry, fostering a more sustainable approach to timber harvesting and resource management.

The belief in properly managed forests lasting forever aligns with the essence of sustainable practices, highlighting the potential for a perpetual cycle of renewal and resource utilization. By advocating for this vision, we not only promote the use of renewable resources but also encourage the preservation and longevity of our natural habitats for generations to come.